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Why won't SVN update this file?

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I had a nightmare recently with SVN refusing to update a file, then skipping a folder. Here's what worked for me.

SVN refused to update a particular file 'template.html' in a folder 'newsletter' deep in a tree. It just ignored it.

Odd. I delete the file, template.html. Ran update again. Nothing, just says up to date revision 999.

I'm under pressure to get this done NOW so start panicking. I delete the folder 'newsletter' and run the update again.

Now I get 'newsletter' skipped messages.

After a long, long set of attempts to get this back this finally worked, go into folder that had 'newsletter' in it:

> svn revert --depth=infinity
> svn up --force foldername

That restored the folder and contents and the problem file. From then on svn updates ran fine.
asked Mar 8, 2018 in SVN and Git by Ralpharama (380 points)

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